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January 2013


  December         Lilly/Galen       February

Lilly's Story


Lilly is a bright 7 year old girl. She enjoys going to her Mimi's house and making cards with her. Luvs swimming in the pool and playing with Mimi's dogs Penny and Abby. She is in Girl Scouts and enjoys going on outings with the other girls.

Lilly was thought to have Guillian Barre July 2012. She has been in and out of the hospital three times sense July. It is a long hard road this lil' girl has to travel. She is on home study because she can not attend school with her friends.

Comments: Lilly collects Hot Wheels cars. She has about 200 of them and knows each one she has so when she is getting a new one she will say NO I already have that one. She looks at the wheels and the headlights.

Lilly's favorite color is orange or what ever your favorite color is at that time.

Lilly luvs ladybugs and we all call her Lilly Bug or the Bugster. She likes playing Zelda on Wii.




Wanting to swim but too cold!



A Day out to see the movie Planes














January 2013  Feature



Name: Lilly

Birthday:  November 10, 2005

Diagnosis: CIDP- An auto Immune Disease

Interests/Likes: Ladybugs/Orange/Hot Wheels

Mailing Address:


C/O Shareacard.org

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022




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