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April 2002


March          Linda B. Ι Katie           June


Dave & Linda's Story


as told by daughter Amy


Please note: Dave passed away on July 27th, 2002 with his loving wife by his side. We will continue to encourage and support Linda as she battles colon cancer and mourns the loss of her husband


Linda was diagnosed with colon cancer and had a section of her colon removed in November 2001. The Doctor was able to remove all of the cancerous tumor and found only a trace amount of cancer cells in her lymph nodes, but wanted her to undergo chemotherapy as a precaution. She is doing real well with the chemo and we're all thankful that she hasn't suffered any serious side effects from it.


Around Christmas, Dave started experiencing a persistent cough and wheezing. He just assumed it was a cold, but when he didn't start getting over it, he went to his doctor and had some tests run. In February 2002, they found a tumor on the upper lobe of his right lung and found that the cancer had already spread to his lymph nodes and liver. He is also getting chemo once a week and radiation five times a week.


Dave and Linda are both in their mid-50s and have been married for 35 years. They have two grown daughters, three young grandsons, and two dogs that are like children to them. :) Dave was an electrical engineer with NCR before setting out to own his own custom closet company. Linda is a nurse and works for a physician referral service. Both have been very healthy, so their cancer has been a real shock to them and their family. They have a very positive attitude and have put this all in God's hands.
















April 2002 Feature




Name: Linda and Dave B.

Birthday:  *Linda July 12

Diagnosis: *Dave- Lung Cancer  *Linda- Colon Cancer


Updates on: Linda


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