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September 2004


August        Linda         October


Linda's Story


as told by her Friend,Kimberlee


Linda is a 51 year old who has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She found out in June, had surgery on July 2nd, and has now undergone 2 chemo treatments. Her cancer is stage III. She has no medical insurance. Her husband is self employed in a small town in Houghton Lake, Michigan.


Linda is the first person to help another, and would never ask for help herself. She is an amazing and courageous woman and a very special friend.


Linda loves meditation, natural living, candles and aromatherapy. She loves the colors of purple/lavender. She loves animals, and has 1 dog and 2 cats. Linda is a very spiritual woman.


I recently moved to Florida, and I am not near her anymore....and I want to do whatever I can for her, and by grace, I found this web-site. Please help my friend!


This is the website Linda's sister, Deborah has created in her honor Linda's Website
















September 2004 Feature




Name: Linda L.

Birthday:  December 21

Diagnosis: Ovarian Cancer

Interests/Likes: Meditation/Candles/


Updates on: Linda


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