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July 2003


    June     Linda Ι Savannah     August


Linda's Story


as told by her sister,Susan



Linda is my older sister and the matriarch of the family. She has never been sick a day in her life, but she found a lump in late 2002 and had it removed and made arrangements for chemo before ever telling anyone.


Prognosis is good, but it kills me that the strong one in the family is hurting. She's so sick from the chemo and has lost her hair, which actually looks good, and she agrees. I can only recall her crying when my parents passed away, but being this sick makes her cry.


My sister Linda is a tomboy that likes pretty things. She reads science fiction and fantasy stories. She loves chocolate labs and is quite the cat lover. She's an athletic person so this is really a tough fight. Let's really cheer her up!



Linda with her sisters















July 2003 Feature




Name: Linda W.

Birthday:  April 14

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

Interests/Likes: Books--Fantasy/Science Fiction/loves cats and chocolate Labs

Updates on: Linda  


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