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October 2004


September   Linda Wa. Ι Sheila    November


Linda's Story


as told by her Friend Gigi




Linda W. is a charming 54 year old woman who radiates courage, warmth, strength and caring. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 9 years ago and won that battle, but recently discovered that she faces many battles now . The cancer has returned and has spread to many areas of her upper body including her sternum, the pulmonary artery and her lungs. It is Stage IV cancer and she is currently undergoing chemo treatments every other week. In October the treatments will be once a week in the hopes of preparing her body for surgery to remove what masses they can. At that point she may have more chemo. She is in a research program at a national cancer institute.


In the face of these tremendous hurdles, Linda remains strong in her faith, full of appreciation for her family and friends, and continues to care deeply about those around her. Linda and her husband are very involved in the community that they have called home for the past 23 years. She is an example to all and I feel truly blessed that our paths have crossed once again.


Linda's background is interior design which translates now into her love for gardening and all of the textures that are found in nature. She loves the scent of lavender, as well as the color, and envisions a garden full of roses, lavender, dogs and children to be just about the perfect place!

She also has a passion for tea and teapots -




October 2004 Feature




Name: Linda Wa.

Birthday:  December 1

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

Interests/Likes: Lavender Scents/Tea/Teapots

Updates on: Linda


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