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July 2006


    June      Liz Ι Cherryl      August


Liz's Story


as told by her neice, Kath


Liz passed away on her 62nd birthday, July 5, 2006. Our deepest sympathies to her devoted husband Sam and Family!


My aunt has battled a myriad of health problems for a few years now. She's had surgery on her neck and back and most recently, heart bypass surgery as well as a few years being dependent on oxygen for breathing difficulties. Within the last month, blood work revealed  some high blood counts. The doctors admitted her into the hospital to find the source of these high counts. A mass was found in the liver area and biopsies revealed she had Stage IV cancer of the lungs and liver.


In her healthier days, she enjoyed camping with our family and taking day trips in the car. We used to have some fun vacations together!


Liz will be 62 years old on July 5th. She's been married to Sam for 43 years and they have 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters.





July 2006 Feature




Name: Liz F.

Birthday: July 5th

Diagnosis:Liver/Lung Cancer



Mailing Address:


Thanks for thinking of Liz and her famly during this time!




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