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January 2003


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Loraine's Story


as told by Loraine



One day while at work I picked up something the wrong way and herniated a disk in my neck. The doctors did surgery to repair it but that just caused more problems, my spine became unstable. Then I started losing my coordination and judging distance. Plus all kinds of problems that I never had before. After seeing all kinds of doctors that had no idea what was wrong with me. Finally one of the doctors here in town had a MRI of my brain done. It showed that I had Arnold-Chiari Malformation, a rare condition where the back of your brain is slipping into the spinal column. Then when we finally found a doctor who knew something about it, permament damage was done even though they did surgery trying to loosen up the brain.


I cannot look up or down, I can't bathe or dress myself or cook. I can't walk with out my walker or some kind of help. Mostly I'm in a wheelchair. They only time I get out of the house is to go to the doctors. I'm in constant pain even with the pain medication that I take. I have bad depression at times. This summer I had gallbladder surgery and since then the doctors have found that the oxygen in my blood drops when I lay down. Today test showed that whenever I stand up or move my oxygen level drop too so now I will be on oxygen all the time. I have a swallowing problem and acid reflux that goes up into my sinuses and into my ears also when I lay down. In January, I will see my heart doctor to see how the leakage of my aorta valve is doing. All of this has been caused by Chiari. All that can be done for me at this point, is to try to give me a decent quality of life. That is a quote from my doctors. Unless something new is found that would help.


My husband is my best friend and #1 supporter. He helps me with my swaps and crafting. He was diagnosed with Alzhimers right before I had my brain surgery. The doctors can't believe how good he is doing. He has gotten better ever expected. He is our miracle. God is taking good care of us and our faith has helped us through some of the worse times. We will have our 33 wedding anniversary in 2003.

January 2003 Feature




Name: Loraine

Birthday:  December 28

Diagnosis: Chiari Malformation Type 1,Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Disk Disease


Updates on: Loraine

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