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  February  2011


  January       Lynette /Sarah P.        March

Lynette's Story


Lynette is in remission! Praise God



as told by her cousin, Janie



Lynette is my cousin and a great person. She worked as a nurse until arthritis required her to retire. She has just found out that she has cancer.  I am just getting over cancer myself and know what she will be going thru. The cards will be a great pick me up for her.  She gets a port today, 1/7/2011 and will begin chemo on the 13th of January. She will also be receiving radiation. She will need to travel 150 miles a day round trip in order to receive the treatments the doctors want her to have. I know she will appreciate any and all cards. THANK YOU!!

This is Lynette's story

I love my family, and friends. I was raised in Georgia and have been married to Jimmy. I am a Christian and enjoy teaching Kids Sunday School Class. I have 2 daughters, Crissy and Kandi. My grandbabies are my pride and joy!!!I have a 3yr old granddaughter, Mary Grace and a 4 yr old grandson, Dylan. I also have 2 Boston Terriers, Shine and Pissant and 1 rescue cat named Slidepaw.  I used to show horses years ago, and I still enjoy them, even though I have none.




February 2011 Feature



Name: Lynette

Birthday: December 4th

Diagnosis: Cancer of the Rectum

Interests/Likes: Horses/ Boston Terriers/Color Blue/ Reading

Updates On: Lynette

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