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November 2012


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Marcel's Story


as told by his wife, Shelley


Marcel peacefully fell asleep one last time, December 9th, 2012 Our deepest sympathies to his family.

Diagnosed with incurable lung cancer, stage 3B, July 26. He had his first palliative radiation treatment on his 79th birthday.


 As a youth, he was always out in the woods, hunting and hiking about. He was a good hockey player, and was in the farm team for the Montreal Canadians, but was dropped when he did not attain the size of the average hockey player of that era. He was in the armed forces for 6 years, and then became a hard rock miner for over 30 years.
He had 3 boys with his first wife, and had some great times with his boys. His eldest son has some very fond memories of the motorcycle trips that he and his friends took on the back roads of that area.


I was fortunate to meet him 30 years ago, and we will celebrate our 25 wedding anniversary this coming April.


Since retiring, he has excelled at fixing things for everyone, and is always ready to lend a hand when he can. That is the worst part of his illness, as he doesn’t have the “wind” to do things he would like to do. Most people that had met him before his illness presumed that he was 12 years younger than he is, as he was always out in his shed puttering or building and fixing things.

Thanks so much Michelle for helping cheer his spirit.




















November 2012  Feature



Name: Marcel

Birthday:  September 12th

Diagnosis: Lung Cancer Stage 3B

Interests/Likes: Hunting/ Hockey/ Hiking/Motorcycles

Mailing Address:


 He truly enjoyed the cards he received, especially the ones done by the children. It touched his heart that people, even ones he did not know, would send him a card to raise his spirits. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts... His family.



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