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May 2004


April       Margo Ι Ann Marie      June



Margo's Story


as told by her Grandma



Margaret Kay or Margo as those of us that love her call her is an 8 year old girl in the second grade. She has a vivid imagination which provides us frequent moments of laughter. She is especially fond of art activities, loves to help in the kitchen, and her new dog Snowball/LemonDrop. (See what I mean about imagination.) Margo suffers from a vascular tumor which involves her right eye and optic nerve, sinuses, palate and airway. It was discovered on Christmas Eve 2003. Since then, our family has been in turmoil, and fighting with insurance to get Margo the care she needs. She will be seeing a world known doctor who has recently relocated to New York's Beth Israel Hospital.


Margo's likes: Art activities, loves to help in the kitchen, dogs/puppies, Care Bears, crafts, especially with beads and her favorite color is purple.


To those interested in sending a monetary gift a trust fund was set up to help with the mounting medical costs:

Margaret Kay Taylor Tragedy Trust Fund
c/o Local Oklahoma Bank
1951 S. Yale
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114




May 2004 Feature




Name: Margo

Birthday:  January 26

Diagnosis: Vascular tumor involving right eye and optic nerve, affecting vision and respiratory functions

Interests/Likes: Art Activities/dogs/Care Bears/beaded crafts/Favorite Color is purple

Updates on: Margo


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