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March 2017


  February         Maria  / Jeanne       May

Maria's Story


We received news today that Maria lost her battle with Cancer on May 10,2017. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Maria has been battling cancer for the last 5 years.  It started as breast cancer and then metastasized into bone cancer.  Both cancers were treated and "stabilized" but recently found out it has metastasized into her liver.  She has decided to stop her chemo treatments.


Everyone that meets and knows Maria, loves her!  She has a heart of gold and her walk with God all her life has helped her keep the sunny disposition and positive outlook she carries with her, even through these challenges.  You would never know when talking with her that she has been waging this battle over the years. 


She loves her family and friends and always put them before herself and her wants/needs.



Maria would love anything from anybody... She would consider herself truly blessed!
















March 2017  Feature



Name: Maria

Birthday: September 29th

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer with Bone Mestasis

Interests/Likes: Her Family/ God

Mailing Address:







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