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October 2016


  September            Mariah / Ava         November



Mariah's Story



Mariah was born weighing only 2 pounds & spent 128 days in the NICU. She was on oxygen until her first birthday & a feeding tube until she was three years old.

She's had health issues all her life.

Now she has Juvenile Arthritis & it affects many of her joints. Her hips already have erosion. She has to take weekly injections at home, have blood taken every 6 weeks & an MRI every 3 months.

 Her bones hurt a lot & she is  always tired. She can't go to school but her mom home schools her.


Comments: Mariah love books, coloring, and doing crafts. Her favorite colors are pink & purple!


She enjoys learning about the sky day & night. She loves animals and learning all about them.

She used to love gymnastics & soccer but  can't do those anymore. So a lot of her day is spent laying around.


Her favorite show is Full House! She likes to fish with her family & spend time with her brothers.

















October 2016  Feature



Name: Mariah

Birthday: July 2nd 2010

Diagnosis:  Poly Articular Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Interests/Likes: Books/Coloring/ Crafts/ Pink and Purple


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