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June 2006


  May       Marianne      July



Marianne's Story


as told by her mother, Amy


We took Marianne into her primary care physician's office on Fri, 02/10/06. She had been having a little leg pain and limping. She's in athletics, and we thought it might be a strain or some growing pains. Her primary care immediately called an orthopedist, and he saw us two hours later.

X-rays were done, and he scheduled us for an MRI Mon morning at 7:30. Later that afternoon he called with the news - it was osteosarcoma. Tuesday we met with the hematology/oncology specialist and Marianne had a CT scan and a bone scan. Lung nodules were found on CT. Wednesday we saw a pediatric surgeon and surgery was scheduled for Thursday. The Dr. took a biopsy from the leg tumor and a lung nodule. Marianne had heart tests, x-rays, and a hearing test. We went home from the hospital Friday night. Saturday the Dr. called and confirmed the bad news. He said to go in Monday morning at 7:30 for kidney tests and to meet him in his office after that. He said he plans on admitting her to start chemotherapy on Monday if there is a room available, and that she would be there 3-4 days.

My mother and James' parents have been by our side every step of the way. Big sister Rachel has fixed suppers for us, and little brother David has been a great help. The doctors and staff at Cook Children's Medical Center have been wonderful.

Sunday we noticed clumps of hair falling out. We made a phone call and found someone willing to do a haircut on Monday, the day the salon is usually closed, so she wouldn't have to be around a lot of people. It turned out really cute! The hairstylist donated her service in honor of her mother, who is a cancer survivor. Now we're on the lookout for cute, trendy hats.


On May 16th, Marianne had a knee replacement.  She'll have to have her leg extended in a splint for 6-8 weeks to help protected the long incision (up the thigh and down the lower leg) and prevent bending the knee. The doctor said the pain will gradually fade away over several months and that the rehab time will be close to a year.

Marianne's Mom keeps a journal up to date on her website HERE


I've added some pics from Marianne's website to our Photo Gallery






June 2006 Feature




Name: Marianne H.

Birthday: February 22,1993

Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma-           (Bone Cancer)


Updates on: Marianne


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