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March  2009


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Mary's Story


Mary passed away on January 19th, 2010. Our deepest sympathies to Nancy and Family.


My grandma is 86 years old. She has always had a full and busy life. Her and grandpa had 7 children (all are married, have children and have given her great-grandkids along with a great-great grandchild). She just lost the love of her life this last week. Grandpa & grandma had been married just under 68 years. They fell asleep at night holding hands and woke up holding hands. (what a relationship!) She was beside him when he passed away. She has been on kidney dialysis for a few years now, but since grandpa's passing her kidneys have stopped functioning. I know the stress of grandpa's passing has been a lot for her to bear. Now this week, exactly a week after grandpa's death, her sister-in-law has also passed away.


 Grandma has always had a smile on her face and has never had a harsh word come out of her mouth. Because she has been such an inspiration to our family, I would appreciate it if y'all could send her a card just to make her feel as special as we know she is.

 Grandma has always been a baker. Pies were her specialty. I don't believe she has a favorite color or scent. She enjoys getting mail. She has always loved "Little House on the Prairie" and Wheel of Fortune.


She loves to read stories about other people's life happenings that are funny. So if anyone has a "You wouldn't believe what happened to me when..." story, she would love to read it. Thank you.










March  2009  Feature



Name: Mary L.

Birthday: July 2nd

Diagnosis: Chronic Kidney Failure

Baking/ Wheel of Fortune/ Little House on the Prairie/Receiving Mail.

Updates On: Mary L.

Mailing Address:


"Mary really enjoyed the cards she received"





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