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June  2008


May       Michael/Pat      July

Michael's Story


 I am totally disabled due to a back injury I had in 1993.  During a test recently for an entirely different reason, they found 2 brain aneurysms.  They are both on the outside of the brain itself.  One is very small and not a threat; but the other is large and in the sinus area by the carotid artery.  I had a Cerebral Angiogram and am now waiting to see my doctors to decide what to do.  One Dr. is recommending to do a 2 part surgery.  1) Do a by-pass on the bad artery and connect it to another artery 2) Go in like they did on the Angiogram and tie off the bad part of the artery so that it can basically die. 


I have been married to my wife, Carolyn for 38 years.  We have 2 children, Rachael and Michael, Jr., 2 children in love, Dave (Rachael's husband) and Jessica (Michael Jr's wife) and 4 grandchildren, Jacob-13, Nathan 9, Taylor-7 (these are Rachael's & David's) and the youngest, Cierra (Michael's & Jessica's).  They are the joy of our lives! 


 I also have 2 dogs, a Cairn Terrier, Buster and a Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kati.  Buster is my constant shadow!  He even sits and relaxes w/me in my recliner! 


I've been through a lot of trials in my life and have been brought out on the other side by God.  He is the only way I'll go through this if it is to be.

 I enjoy working on my 1998 Mustang GT, working in the yard, and going in my motorhome. My favorite colors are deep reds, blues, and deep yellows.  My favorite scents are the springtime (my favorite time of the year) and Drakkar Noir.


June 2008  Feature



Name: Michael M.

Birthday: March 24th

Diagnosis: Brain     Aneurysms

Interests/Likes: Working on my 1998 Mustang GT / Yard Work/ Rv'ing

Updates On: Michael

Mailing Address:



C/O ShareaCard.org

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa 17022




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