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May 2003


April     Michelle Ι Rebecca      June


Michelle's Story


as told by her Mother in law, Cathy


Our 35 year old Daughter in law, Michelle, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. A pea sized lump was removed, but under more examination it has been found that she also has a more invasive type of cancer in the chest wall and what was thought of as small calcium deposits, were also found to be cancerous.

She is now facing the possibility of a double mastectomy although her chances of complete recovery are excellent and no cancer was found in the lymph glands. They're now having major issues with the doctor and original radiology team..these new findings were found by another team and hospital that her mother had gone to for another opinion.

Cards would really give her a lift! Michelle has 3 young sons (8, 5, & 3) and loves working on her house painting, laying tile..and outside too - gardening.







May 2003 Feature




Name: Michelle

Birthday:  May 20

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer


Updates on: Michelle


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