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April 2003


March        Monica Ι Don          May

Monica's Story


as told by Monica


Born in Georgia, I've spent most of my life in TX. After two years of college, I married my husband in Nov '79 We've lived, with our one child, in the same home we built in '81. My life has been dedicated to my family and being the best mom I could be. I was a Homeschool mom till mid 91, at which time I stopped after being diagnosed with MS.


 Homeschooling was probably the most passionate thing I've ever done and I'm always willing to help others and promote it's importance. After the MS attack, life was never quite the same. Many small MS problems, Fibromyalgia and then diagnosed with Diabetes in 2001. But I did have CAC Friends and that network of wonderful people, the card creating, and helping others with computer woes was the outlet I needed/craved. The diabetic label was "just what the dr. ordered"! Getting that under control seemed to have been the answer to ALL prayers and allowed me the kind of life I wanted for over 10 years. Probably one reason this bout with the MS was totally unexpected and much harder than the others. I'm under the care of a neurologist, am praying and hopeful that remission will come soon. Right now, walking is compromised, numbness from the ribs down and my brain doesn't always cooperate making fine motor skills out of the question till things "turn on" again. The support from my family (especially my husband), friends, Internet friends (especially CAC/SAC) has been awesome and a real lesson in humility. I've known Suzanne, CAC/SAC founder, since the days of CAC3 and the Micrografx user forum. Her dedication to family, friends and those in need has never wavered. She's truly one of the most incredible people I know :)


I enjoy photography, photo editing, computing, designing, walking/hiking, shopping, dining out with my family, and my "big dogs". This past summer and fall we remodeled our early 80's kitchen in an Old World Tuscan look. I was so thrilled to get to be part of the action and actually be of some help :) Now it's calling my name to get in there and do some serious cooking! For my poor husband's sake, let's all pray that I'll be cooking up a storm SOON :) You know, I guess I feel worse for my husband than anything. He has worked so hard to give us a good life but he's also self employed and the climbing rate of medical insurance has been out of our reach. It's hard to look at him and realize it's ME that is keeping him from realizing dreams. He's never once complained and I don't expect him to. What did I do to deserve such a man? If I'm half the person he is, I'll be happy :)








April 2003 Feature




Name: Monica

Birthday:  March 13

Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes



walking/Dining Out

Updates on: Monica


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