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April 2006


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Nina's Story


as told by her cousin, Janie


Sadly, Nina passed away on Christmas Eve Morning, 2006. Our deepest sympathies to Fred, Janie and the family


Nina is in her 70's and had lung cancer 4 years ago. It seemed to be gone. 18 months ago, she learned it was back. They had been treating her with chemo and other things but about the time Roy died, they told her nothing was working. She did not come to Roy Allen's funeral as she was ill. Several weeks ago she fell and broke her tail bone, and took a lot of skin off her leg. They wanted to graft skin however she went downhill. They were afraid she would not live the weekend. They tried another medicine and it pulled her up.

Several of my friends have mailed her cards and he said it is a high point for her when she received one of them.

Nina loves anything to do with gardening. She particularly loves azaleas. She has planted over 400 of all colors on their 7 acres of property. Her favorite color is green.

****NOTE---Nina is not expected to live much longer. Her doctor wanted to call Hospice to come in but she refused. Her husband, Fred, has agreed to keep her at home and take care of her. Let's get those cards out and lift up her spirits!!








April 2006 Feature




Name: Nina K.


Diagnosis: Lung Cancer



Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the cards mailed to Nina




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