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December 2005


    October         Patricia       January


Patricia's Story


as told by her friend, Marge


Patricia lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer on December 29th, 2006. Our deepest sympathies to her family.


Pat has been not only my hair stylist but a very dear friend for 38 years. She did my hair right after she graduated from cosmetology school. We connected right away and have been fast friends ever since. She is a dear sweet person who always thinks of others and their comfort. Pat has one sister and since their mother passed away several years ago it has been just the two of them. Her sister is married (no children) and lives about 2 hours away.


Pat has been very positive all through her "journey" as she calls it. She never says she feels bad or is in pain. I only know what is going on with her because I have known her for so long. The nurse said she is one of the most "up beat" patients they have. She lives to "do hair" and still does 3 of us every week that she can. I have seen her after being in the hospital receiving transfusions come home and the next day or two do someone's hair.


Patricia,on the left,with her friend,Mary


We love to sit and reminisce about when she owned her own shop and my children would come with me. They would "clean" the shop for her, sweeping the floor, emptying wastebaskets and ashtrays etc. They did it because they loved her.


She has a ShiTzu, named Ginger and a cat named Blackjack. Her hobbies include helping people, doing crafts, cooking and baking. She enjoys crocheting kitchen towels and afghans and doing floral designs. She loves all animals especially dogs and cats. Her favorite colors are blue, purple, raspberry and teal. Favorite scents include cucumber/melon citrus and musk.









December 2005 Feature




Name: Patricia

Birthday:  March 25

Diagnosis: Ovarian Cancer/Nodual Sarcodosis Granulomus

Interests/Likes: Animals/Crafts/Cooking/

Baking/Favorite Colors of Purple, teal and raspberry.


Mailing Address:


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