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March 2004


February        Patti Ι Dee           April


Patti's Story


as told by her daughter in law, Kim



Patti was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago, she had surgery, chemo and radiation and it was gone...for a few years. December '02 an x-ray showed that the cancer was back and in her bones. Her last bone scan shows that most of her lumbar vertebrae are cancerous as well as her pelvic bones, femurs, rib, shoulder and skull. A mammogram that she had last week shows that the breast cancer is back as well. She is undergoing chemo and taking it a day at a time. She loves to get things in the mail and she would really appreciate this. Patti loves to sew and do cross stitch.








March 2004 Feature


      Patti pictured above with her son and twin granddaughters


Name: Patti

Birthday:  January 30

Diagnosis: Breast and Bone Cancer

Interests/Likes: Sewing/Cross stitch

Updates on: Patti   

Mailing Address:






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