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February 2013


  January        Patti Y. / Veronica      March

Patti's Story



I am a 47 year old woman that thought I had a clogged tear duct because my eye just kept watering. Come to find out when I "finally" went to the doctor I found out I had squamous cell carcinoma. This was in my tear duct and sinus area. Blessed was I that my doctor literally said "I don't want you to fall between the cracks" and he set everything up for me at MD Anderson. After a 12 hour surgery, skin graft, flap on in and outside of affected area and 6 weeks of Proton Radiation, I am hopefully on my way to recovery.


So many things have changed for me since that day in June that I am literally blown away. God led me to a place called Hope Cancer Retreat where I met two of the best people I will ever know, Jenny and Larry Jackson. Larry is a survivor, (more like a miracle) God intended for him to beat the massive cancer that had invaded his body because he had plans for Larry. Those plans were for me and many others. I have always been a Christian but this experience has made me realize just how far I was from truly having a full relationship with God. Hope Cancer Retreat and Larry and Jenny have helped open my eyes, along with all the miracles that seem to happen daily.


 I now have a new relationship with God and I wouldn't trade the cancer for anything because without it, I would not have this new undeniable, unquestionable open relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My eyes are so wide open even though the cancer tries so hard to close them.


I am married to my soul mate, Tommy and we together have 5 children, I have 3, Johnny 28, married to Amelia and in the Air Force stationed in Las Vegas, Jamie, 21, also in the Air Force and stationed at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport Louisiana and Tyler, 16 junior in high school and plans to become a Marine.
My husband has two boys, Ryan 24, that lives in Alabama and works on the oil rigs and Christian 15, also a junior in high school.

I have said all along that the best part of my day is when the mail comes because I get cards from the most random people and mostly from people I don't know. That touches my heart so deeply I can't explain. One may usually think they will get a card here or there from someone they know but knowing that someone that has no relationship with you, goes out of their way to write a card to you, it literally takes my breath away. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart!!

Comments: hobbies are reading, music (I'm determined to learn piano), blue and pink, red, yellow all favorite colors and eucalyptus, vanilla, fresh linen, lavender are just a few of my favorite scents. I love aroma therapy and music therapy.




My daughter Jamie and me at the military ball...right before discovery of the cancer



This is post surgery, radiation etc... I'm only 5 months out of surgery and almost 3 months out of radiation.

This was about a month ago.

















February 2013  Feature



Name: Patti Y.

Birthday:  March 22

Diagnosis: Tear Duct Cancer

Interests/Likes: Reading /Aroma Therapy/ Music

Mailing Address:


Patti Y.

C/O ShareaCard

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022




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