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September  2008


      August            Penny/ Francie            October

Penny's Story


as told by her mom, Cheri

Update- August 2012-  "Penny will be turning 17 next month. She is starting her Junior year in High School. Hard to believe she is at this point already. Penny is doing well with her Diabetes. She is taking better care of herself. She is seeing that the better she takes care of herself, the better she feels. As she knows soon she will be doing this all on her own once she starts college n the next couple years.  She has had some more health issues due to her Diabetes creeping up on her now. She has stopped growing. Due to her sugars being so high in the past. Her growth is stunted now. Her vision seems to be getting worse with each passing year. All in all, she is doing well despite some recent health setbacks.


We want to thank everyone for the cards she receives. Even though she is a teen now, I still see her face light up when she reads the envelope and it is for her from ShareaCard. It just brightens her day so much. I see her meticulously read every single card she receives. She will spend quite some time reading each one, touching them, loving the detail in a lot of the cards she gets. So for me, being her mom, I love being able to see the smile on her when she receives these wonderfully thoughtful gestures. So we both thank you for all your hard work you do every year for all the Features. It has been a blessing to us both since we found all of you!"


UPDATE- JULY 2011--- Penny will be Sweet 16 this year. She is doing ok. We had a scare with kidney failure this yr. She went into hospital for a few days in January. She was a very sick girl. her BG got up sky high. It started affecting the function of her body systems. She is now being tested for Celiac disease right along with her Diabetes she already has. We are going through numbers all over the place right now due to her age. Hoping it settles soon. She is doing great in school though. She is an honor student in most classes. She is thriving here in our new location!




Penny was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 18 months old. She is a pro at this disease now. She takes care of her own site changes, does her own blood sugars and even takes care of her own carb counting.


She is a very brave girl. This disease has sure taken a toll on her though. She knows of no other children with diabetes. She feels so isolated. We have had to go as far as home schooling her. She can't run and play and do sports like the other children. She is such a brittle diabetic her sugars can drop at any given moment. She just needs encouragement. Just to know there are still good people in the world.

Comments:  She loves drawing and writing poetry now. She is starting to really get into photography. She would love to take classes for it. Have a better camera. Got a little cheap on right now. She loves taking photos now. Loves the color lime green.



September  2008  Feature



Name: Penny

Birthday: September 3, 1995

Diagnosis: Type 1 Diabetes- Insulin Pump
Interests/Likes: Writing Poetry/Photography/Drawing/ Color Lime Green

Updates On: Penny

Mailing Address:



C/O ShareaCard.org

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa 17022




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