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May 2003


April      Rebecca Ι Michelle      June


Rebecca's Story


as told by her friend Linda Richard from Angels of Destiny




Rebecca passed away on May 26, 2005. Our deepest sympathies to Rebecca's family and friends.


Let me tell you about my friend Rebecca. Rebecca is a Godsend! I've only known her for 1 year, in that one year she has ministered to me by the way she lives her life. She's had 22 surgeries, and is on 26 different mediations, she suffers from all the diseases listed. She's also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The GREAT love she has for people. Giving 100% of herself, she has the one thing many of us don't have to give, TIME! She's always putting other ahead of herself. She insisted that this spot be for someone who really needed it. Well it is,....her. In one year she has painted/made 600 angels for Angels Of Destiny (a ministry that give angels to people who are seriously ill).
Rebecca's daily prayer is for God to make her a "LIGHT HOUSE", I'll say He's answered her prayer. She genuine cares about others, now is her time to reap!

Rebecca loves to sing, crafts, crochet and paint angels for the Lord! Her favorite colors are purple, green and blue. She also likes books on cassette, gospel music, handheld video games, some plants, feeding the neighborhood critters and playing with the love of her life, her 3 year old grandson, Jacob. Nothing scented please, (severe allergies).











May 2003 Feature



Name: Rebecca

Birthday:  September 19

Diagnosis: diabetes, emphysema, copd, pernicious anemia, epileptic, severe depression, enlarge heart, cellulitus, hepatitis C, psoriasis, angina, edema, hiatus hernia, severe allergies, asthmatic,back problems, tumor on ankle, 4 heart failures

Interests/Likes: Crafts/Crocheting/Gospel Music/Painting Angels


Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the cards mailed to Rebecca.




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