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August 2006


     July       Renee Ι Kathy     September


Renee's Story


as told by her friend, Linda


Renee Passed away March 3, 2011

Our sympathies to her family.


Renee was born on August 11th on a Navy Base in New Jersey.

Renee now lives in Texas. She has 2 sons, Davy and Daniel. She also has a daughter-in-law, Nicki, and grandbaby, Jaden. She is married to James. She has 2 cats, Rocky and Meesha.

Renee has lived a very full life. She has worked as a nurse's aid in a home for the elderly, as a fabricator and repair person with industrial and boat fiberglass work, as an emergency medical technician on an ambulance, as a child care attendant in a home/school for severely disabled children and as a scented candle maker.
She also designed our website & maintains it as best as she can.

She tries to help others when she feels up to it, but has slowed down a lot over the past year, particularly since hurricane Rita. Renee feels that a single lifespan is not enough time to do all the things that she would have liked to do.

Renee is living with severe lung disease including COPD, Emphysema & damage done by working with fiberglass.
She also has epilepsy, cervical vertebra injury, hypertension and arthritis.
She has become wheelchair dependent and feels her biggest physical challenge is to breathe. She's oxygen 24-7.

In spite of her physical limitations, Renee has maintained a healthy sense of humor and believes that laughter is the best medicine. Renee' started off her the new year of 2006 by accepting Jesus as her Lord & Savior!

She loves cats, computers arts & crafts. Favorite color is blue, favorite scent is fruit-like scents.













August 2006 Feature




Name: Renee

Birthday: August 11th

Diagnosis: Lung Disease/Epilepsy/Cervical Injury/Hypertension......

Interests/Likes: Cats/Arts & Crafts/Computers/Favorite Color of Blue

Updates on: Renee


Mailing Address:


Thank you for all the cards mailed to Renee





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