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March  2008


  February             Richard P.             April

Richard's Story


as told by his wife, Teri


In February of 2006, Richard suffered a heart attack then in May of 2006 he suffered a stroke. With the stroke it took 8 months to recover learning how to walk, talk and do for himself all over. With the stroke Richard lost his peripheral vision and only has very little tunnel vision.


 In July of 2007 Richard suffered another heart attack, and this time he had to have double by pass surgery. He has been doing great after all that he has been through, attended the VA Blind Rehab and they taught him so much on how to function with life and his disability. He has had a great attitude and not felt sorry for himself. Of course he did go through some hard times, but that is to be expected with the situation he was dealt.


Just recently, Richard got up from bed, and lost his sight completely. We have gone to Drs. and had a CT Scan done, and they found that he did have another small stroke that cause his sight to diminish. We as the Drs. are hopeful that he will regain some of his sight back, at this time he is now starting to see shadows, so that is a plus for him. I know that the good Lord will help him through this again, and with the love and hope of our good Lord Richard will regain some sight again.

Comments: Richard loves the 49ers he is a true fan. He did carpentry work for 32 years. Richard loves to walk our dog (Ms. Beasley) she has been good therapy for him she stays right by his side and watches over him.


Richard (r), his wife, Teri (in blue) @ their Daughter's Wedding prior to his stroke.












March 2008  Feature



Name: Richard P.

Birthday:  November 8th

Diagnosis: Blind due to Stroke

Interests/Likes: 49ers

Updates On: Richard

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