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  February 2012


  January      Ron M. / Sam     March

Ron's Story



Ron was told February 2,2011 he had 6 days to 6 months to live. He has had a few trips to the hospital to get water removed from his stomach and to stop internal bleeding. He is very strong willed and has things he wants to do still.

Last weekend he and his son Daniel went to Harper Dry Lake and did some power kite flying and getting pulled across the lake on a kite buggy.

He was a CNC machinist for 26 years and married to his wife, Robbie, for 30 years. He has eight granddaughters and one grandson who are his world.

He has always met his life head-on and full blast with the heart of a lion and soft as a teddy bear. At six foot three, he is a big "scary dude" at first sight, but once you look past the cover, a beautiful man exists inside.

Comments: Kite Buggying, fishing, taking pictures of storms with lightning, and letting his granddaughters "fix" his long thick silky hair.

















February 2012 Feature



Name: Ron

Birthday: May 12th

Diagnosis: Stage IV Liver Failure/Congestive Heart Failure

Interests/Likes: Fishing/ His grandchildren/ Kite Buggying

Mailing Address:


Ron M.

C/O ShareaCard.org

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022





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