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  May  2011


  April       Rosie/Marian       June

Rosie's Story

Sadly, Rosie passed away in April 2012. Our deepest sympathies to her family.


Rosie fell and crushed the bone in her arm the week after Thanksgiving. The doctors operated to place a metal pin in her arm so it would heal right. The day after her surgery she had a massive stroke which affected the left side of her body. In January she was moved out of the ICU to a room and her heart stopped. She was transferred back into ICU until she stabilized, then to a regular room. In February she was moved to the hospital rehab center where she will have to stay for at least 6 more months. She is regaining some use of her left leg, but still requires assistance for most basic functions.

The hospital is over 50 miles from her house so her family isn't able to visit everyday. Her husband has had several back surgeries, and since they are both seniors he cannot drive there everyday. She could really use some prayers and encouragement because she is facing a long hard road to recovery.

Rosie was a special education teacher before her illness.

She loves to read, especially historical romances. She loves crossword, brain teaser, number puzzle books.
She collects recipes and recipe books , and really loves the community fundraiser type.
She also loves pens and pencils, I guess that comes from being a teacher.
She loved making crafts, but isn't able to do so now because of her left arm. She loves anything homemade.
She loves angels and butterflies.
Her favorite color is purple.


With her nephew, Jeffrey and 2 little great nephews, Jacob and Daniel




May 2011 Feature



Name: Rosie

Birthday: November 19th

Diagnosis: Massive Stroke

Interests/Likes: Reading, Puzzle Books, Recipes, Crafts, Purple, Angels, Butterflies

Updates On: Rosie

Mailing Address:


"Thank you so much for the love you shared with my Aunt Rosie!"




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