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September 2007


  August         Ruth H.       October


Ruth's Story


Ruth passed away on December 5, 2007. Our deepest sympathies to Cindy and the rest of her family!


I was born in 1920 and lived through the Depression. I graduated from school at age 16 and

got married just before my husband was drafted into WWII. We had four children.


In 1973, I buried my husband who passed away due to lung cancer.


I have been healthy most of my life. It wasn't until I was in a car accident on the

way to the doctor that I became extremely ill.


I live with my daughter because I require assistance with my everyday activities. I am able

to move around the house with the use of an oxygen tank.


My granddaughter thought I might receive the same blessings that she did

when she was featured.


(Ruth's granddaughter is Cindy, our January 2007 Feature)














September 2007  Feature



Name: Ruth H.

Birthday: August 19

Diagnosis: Emphysema

Interests/Likes: Pine Needle Baskets/ Writing/ Reading/ Puzzles/ Westerns and My Dogs


Mailing Address:

Sympathy cards can be mailed to:


The Family of Ruth H.

C/O ShareaCard.org

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa 17022




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