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    August  2009


  July                Sarah       September

Sarah's Story


as told by her mom, Debra


Sarah is currently under the care of a radiation oncologist for the treatment of a meningioma (brain tumor). She recently concluded a five-day high-dose round of radiation treatments and is beginning to experience hair loss. Sarah will soon return for still yet another MRI to monitor the status of the tumor.
Diagnosed with congenital hydrocephalus, Sarah has a vp shunt implanted in her brain to shunt excess spinal fluid from her brain to her abdominal cavity. She has had multiple shunt revisions and total replacements over the course of her young life. During a series of back-to-back shunt replacements, Sarah suffered a stroke and is still experiencing deficits because of it.
In addition to a number of neurological issues, Sarah has been diagnosed with asthma and struggles with an immune disorder. She has many other medical issues as well. Despite it all, she remains positive and optimistic.

Sarah, now a high school junior, loves going to the movies and watching DVDs at home. She's addicted to the TV series "24" and is a dedicated, loyal Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) fan. Purple is her favorite color. Although we have a German Shepherd named Jack, she adores all things feline. Sarah lives to go on the road with her dad in the semi in the summer. She is then able to visit her relatives in Wisconsin which is probably her all-time favorite thing EVER!














August 2009 Feature



Name: Sarah

Birthday: September 4,1991

Diagnosis: Brain Tumor,

Congenital Hydrocephalus, Other Medical Issues

Interests/Likes: Cats/The color purple/ The TV show "24", going to the movies, watching DVD's, traveling in her dad's semi

Updates On: Sarah

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