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July  2003


  June       Savannah Ι Linda W.    August



  Savannah's Story


as told by her Mom


UPDATE- 8/3/11----Savannah has been in the hospital over 100 times now. She is still an avid reader and collects Precious Moments and enjoys golf and writing. She will be a senior in high school in the Fall. Lately, she has been admitted to the hospital every three months for 10-14 days. Savannah continues to be homebound due to her health. Savannah really enjoys getting mail....she said it helps her feel not so isolated! 


Savannah is a very friendly girl, but due to her illness she isn't allowed to go out much. She has been in the hospital 36 times and takes numerous medications daily. She was homebound most of this school year. We are looking at ways to brighten her days. Savannah has an older sister Miranda (15) and an older brother Danny (19).

Savannah's favorite color is pink. She really likes anything Barbie. Due to her asthma we don't due anything with scents. She likes Precious Moments and animals but again due to breathing problems no pets allowed.


To those interested in helping out with the Fund to help with Savannah's medical expenses:


The Savannah Remington Fund


Arvest Bank
2029 W. Kenosha
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

make checks payable to "The Savannah Remington Fund"


















July 2003 Feature



Name: Savannah R.

Birthday:  June 4, 1993

Diagnosis: Cystic Fibrosis, Mild Cerebral Palsy and Secondary Carnitine Deficiency

Interests/Likes: Reading/ Collects Precious Moments/ Golfing and Writing

Updates on: Savannah


Mailing Address:


Savannah R.

P.O. Box 140471

Broken Arrow, OK 74014




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