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    September  2009


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Scott's Story


Scott lost his battle with cancer on May 30,2011. Our sympathies go out to his wife, Carrie and their 7 children. I can't even imagine :(


Scott was diagnosed with cancer for a second time in May 2009.  (just TWO months after being cleared and put into remission status from his first bout with cancer)  Scott is married to his wife Carrie, and together they have 7 children.


Originally, it was estimated that he would be out of work for at least a year, as he undergoes a series of treatments to try to get him better. Treatment began in May, with the treatment on the brain tumors first, including surgery for removal and radiation treatment.  In June, they started further treatment and diagnosis of the tumors on the lungs.  Carrie called the end of July, and she said they met with the Dr. regarding Scott’s treatment and testing results.


Currently, the tumor(s) are shrinking, and that was good news that they were happy to hear. Unfortunately, the Dr.’s had to follow-up with other news regarding the type of cancer Scott has. His cancer has a survival rate of less than three years. He will continue to fight this and to get him as much time as possible with his family, but they are looking at the very real possibility that Scott will not be able to completely beat this thing.


Carrie is a scrapbook designer for www.paperthreads.com. She sells her work as a means to stretch their family budget. Her friends have realized what a strain Scott's illness has placed on the family so they are holding a fundraiser.

You can view information about the fundraiser HERE. If you happen to use the electronic based diecut files, you may wish to help them out by purchasing a membership.

This is going to be a LONG HARD journey for the whole family, and your continued support and prayers are and have been greatly appreciated.


Scott enjoys spending time with his family as well as his friend Nick named- "Remote control Jockey". He enjoys classic movies, boxing, Home Repair/remodel (Contractor for years), Fishing, Boating, Collectables, Cardinal Baseball, Playing Slots




Scott opening his cards!



Julie (9) in pink and Jesse (6) in striped shirt are Scott and Carrie's children. The little girl in the gray Lorelei (9) is their granddaughter.






September  2009 Feature



Name: Scott

Birthday: November 20th

Diagnosis: Small Cell Lung Carsinoma

Interests/Likes: Boxing/The Cardinals/ Fishing/ Boating/ Playing Slots

Updates On: Scott

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