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October 2004


  September        Sheila Ι Linda Wa.        November



Sheila's Story


as told by her sister, Belinda


3/31/06-- Sheila lost her courageous battle with cancer. Our deepest sympathies to Greg,Josh,Chad and the rest of her family.



Sheila was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer right before Thanksgiving 2002. She has been through many surgeries related to the cancer and many different types of chemo therapy. She has recently had yet another surgery and will soon begin a series of radiation treatments to shrink a tumor found in her colon. Once Sheila recovers from this she will then need to travel to Texas to have a bone marrow transplant, which is a new treatment for this type of cancer. The doctor has only performed 8 others.

Before getting sick, Sheila use to do stamping. She stamped cards mostly. She enjoys shopping and is great at finding great deals on otherwise expensive items. She never misses anybody's birthday. Her favorite colors are red and black.


This was taken at Sheila's 40th birthday party in June.












October 2004 Feature



Name: Sheila R.

Birthday:  June 13

Diagnosis: Ovarian Cancer

Interests/Likes: Stamping/Favorite Colors are red and black


Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the cards mailed to Sheila.





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