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May 2013


  May     Shirley M. / Ruth Ellen   June

Shirley's Story


as told by Jenny at Hope Cancer Retreat


Shirley is a middle aged spiritual woman currently staying at the Hope Cancer Retreat in Texas while undergoing radiation treatment at the

MD Anderson Cancer Center.


About 11 years ago, She woke up only seeing silhouettes. She went to her doctor who said she went blind

in her one eye from mini strokes. He told her that it never happens in both eyes and a week or two weeks later, she woke up unable to see

out of her other eye.


Her husband was her caregiver. About 5 years after her blindness occurring, her husband was diagnosed

with pancreatic cancer and had passed away within 12 days :(


Approximately, one year later, she lost her daughter. (I can't even imagine all this beautiful lady has undergone!)




She has been at the Hope Cancer Retreat Center for about 6 weeks now. This place is AMAZING!

The visitors are treated like family during their stay there. Jenny and her husband provide a wonderful service in order

to allow the patients and their families to focus on their treatment and recovery. You can follow Jenny's posts on updates and things

happening there on their Facebook page.


Some of the ladies enjoying tea at the Hope Cancer Retreat















May 2013  Feature



Name: Shirley M.

Birthday:  May 30th

Diagnosis: Blind- Salivary Gland/ Trachea Cancer

Interests/Likes: Color Purple/ The Outdoors and Flowers/Spiritual

Mailing Address:


Shirley M.

C/O ShareaCard

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022




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