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June  2003


    May       Sudie Ι Jana          July


Sudie's Story



as told by Sudie

Sudie passed away on January 8,2011 Our sympathies to her family. She was a sweet sweet lady


I was diagnosed with Moderately Invasive Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma on May 24, 2002. I underwent a double mastectomy in June of 2002, and the cancer was ultimately classified at Stage III. They removed 18 lymph nodes and of those 18, 9 were positive. This was my third bout with cancer, having uterine cancer in 1966 and labia cancer in 1987.

My first dose of chemotherapy treatment went through me like a tornado and ate a hole in my large intestine. Six weeks after I had a double mastectomy, I was back in the hospital with a White Blood Cell count of 0.3. They built me up with antibiotics, so I could withstand a bowel resection and colostomy.

After I was released, I resumed my chemotherapy, which took seven months instead of six due to numerous complications. The cumadin they prescribed caused critical nose bleeds. On one trip to the emergency room, the bleeding was so profuse that it ran from my eyes. I finally finished with my chemotherapy and then went through seven weeks of radiation. Compared to the chemotherapy, the radiation seemed like a stroll in the park. Although I was burned quite badly, eventually I healed and am only left with a couple of tan spots. I lucky to have good care and the radiation technician demanded that I get aloe vera gel and use it on my skin three times a day. This prevented a lot of pain and discomfort from the treatments.

I am scheduled to have my colostomy reversed on June 17th. It's been a very difficult and painful ordeal, but while I was in the hospital and so very close to death, I underwent a spiritual awakening. Since then, I have a whole new outlook on life. Even with the pain that I've gone through, it's brought me to a life that is better, in many ways, than what I had before.

If anyone would like to email me, I'm here for any support that you might need. Sudie

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June 2003 Feature



Name: Sudie

Birthday:  August 25

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer


Updates on: Sudie

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