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December 2015


  November         Thelma  / Glory    January

Thelma's Story


Thank you for all the cards mailed to Thelma...she is cancer free!

Thelma is a 71 year old widower, she lost her husband Ike in 2008. She is the mother of 6 children. She lost both of her sons to cancer, Michael when he was 8 years old and Jimmie at 49 in 2013. She has 4 daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren and a beautiful four legged daughter-a black Chihuahua name Candy. 

Her hobbies are arts and crafts and playing games on her tablet. She collect angels as they always give her a sense of peace and remind her that God put them in charge of her (Psalms 91:11). Thanks in advance for your prayers. She wishes is to receive cards from all 50 states.




















December  2015  Feature



Name: Thelma

Birthday: September 5

Diagnosis:  Breast Cancer

Interests/Likes: Arts and Crafts/ Angels

Mailing Address:






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