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December 2016


  November            Thomas W. / Donna K.         January


Thomas's Story


Sadly Thomas passed away on January 14, 2017. Our deepest sympathies to his family.


"Thanks to your angels for all their prays, support, gifts and love. We want to say thank you, thank you and thank you. God bless you and your organization!"




I have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and have been homebound since November.


 I have started chemo therapy and they hope to extend my life expectancy of a year.


I collect stamps and coffee mugs, stuffed animals as well as tee shirts. My favorite colors are blue and white.

I enjoy music and movies. My favorite scents are citrus and lavender.


I appreciate any cards and prayers!
















December 2016  Feature



Name: Thomas W.

Birthday: May 27th

Diagnosis:  Lung Cancer

Interests/Likes: Stamp Collecting/ Coffee Mugs/ Blue N White/ Lavender N Citrus Scents


Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the cards mailed to Thomas.




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