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August 2003


       July          Todd Ι Anna       September


Todd's Story


Todd passed away on 7/22/03 - but not before we got a chance to change his life for eternity.


We are placing Todd up early because of his delicate condition and he is reponding so well to the cards he has already received we wanted to get him more right away!


Todd is 35 years old and the father of a beautiful 12 yr old girl. As his sister puts it, he is living and dying with AIDS. He is currently in the hospital and in very serious condition.

Cards focusing on anything spiritual that celebrate life would be wonderful and very much appreciated by Todd and the entire family. The beautiful cards he has already received from some of you have moved him to rededicate his life to Christ which has helped bond the family during this difficult time.









August 2003 Feature



Name: Todd

Birthday:  January 27

Diagnosis: AIDS



Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the encouraging cards you sent to Todd and his family!




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