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    October  2009


  September              Troy/Darlene          November

Troy's Story


as told by his sister, Denise

Troy is  44 years old and has the mentality of a 6 year old.  He has lived with my mom his whole life and due to her declining health has had to move in with my sister now.  He is having a real rough time adjusting to not being able to go home to moms.  He loves getting cards and keeps them in what he calls his email box.  He enjoys taking them out and looking through them each day.

Comments: He loves to look at Christmas catalogs, loves stuffed animals but especially loves Smurfs from the 80's.  He has a stuffed Smurf pillow he sleeps with each night.  He likes to watch TV- his favorites are The Disney Channel, Nickeldeon and the daytime soap operas. Loves to read his email (his cards) and also loves coffee a couple times a day.  His favorite color is blue









October  2009 Feature



Name: Troy

Birthday: August 23

Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus and Paraplegic

Interests/Likes: Smurfs/ Watching TV/ Favorite Color is Blue

Updates On: Troy

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