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July 2005


       June         Trudy       September


Trudy's Story




1/20/06 Trudy lost her courageous battle with cancer. Our deepest sympathies to Gale and her sons.



I am Trudy L and I am 45 years old. I was born in Kimball, Nebraska but was raised in Casper Wyoming. I married my husband Gale in August of 1982 and then when our first son Joshua was 1 yr old ( he was born in 1983) we moved to Sheridan, Wyoming then there we had our 2nd son Joel was born in 1986. In 1987 we moved to Gillette, Wyoming. In 1989 we moved to Elko,Nevado and lived there til 2002 and moved back to Gillette Wyoming. We stay with the mines as Gale is a diesel mechanic.


I am a bus assistant for special needs children, which I love. In 1985,I started having health problems and we got some of them under control but I was always having stomach trouble. I was diagnosed with H-Plyori and treated for it 4 times then they stopped treating me for it as they said I would always test positive but I still had the symptoms. I am diabetic, thyroid, Oesto and Rheumatoid arthritis along with Fibromyalgia. This February, I was getting more pain in my side and stomach and was constantly throwing up and having lots of problems. I went to my dr and she had me do the upper and lower GI scopes. They found that I still had the H-Plyori and that I had a huge ulcer in my stomach along with some polyps. They thought the samples looked funny so they sent them off to the Mayo Clinic. On May 3, my doctor called and said that I had stomach cancer and that I needed surgery immediately. I had my surgery on May 12th. When they got in there they had to take my whole stomach and lining and part of by colon and bowels. I had quite a bit of a recovery and have been doing great. I found out recently that they didn't get it all....that there are small molecules that are running around in there so I will have to take Chemo Pills. I started the Xeloda on June 10th and if that doesn't agree, there are other options. I will take the pills for 14 days on with 7 days off.


I love the colors of purple, lilacs, the Lord, and my family.









July 2005 Feature



Name: Trudy

Birthday:  August 31

Diagnosis: Stomach Cancer

Interests/Likes: Lilacs/ Favorite Color is Purple


Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the encouraging cards you sent to Trudy!




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