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    December  2009


  November              Vernelle /Donna          January

Vernelle's Story


as told by her friend and fellow church member, Shirley


Vernelle is beautiful inside and out.  She always has a smile on her face ready to greet you with open arms even when she is in intense pain.  She reminds me of a real southern lady.  Vernelle and her husband have been married for 59 years!

When Vernelle was diagnosed with multiple myeloma she was told that she had approximately 3 years to live.  That was 7 years ago!  She has outlived two sons.  She lost one son to a heart attack 10 years ago and another in 2008 to cancer.

Her spirit is one that will snatch up up and entice you to sit for awhile and chat.  She and her husband were always at church until recently.  Her crushed vertebrae are causing her intense pain and she isn't able to attend for the time being.  But I know as soon as she is able, she'll be back.  I recently sent her a card.  The next time I saw her, she gave me the biggest smile and said, "That card helped me more than you'll ever, ever know.  Thank you so very much!"  I'm sure getting the cards from SAC will help her much more than my single card did!










December  2009 Feature



Name: Vernelle

Birthday: February 2nd

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma/Diabetes/Neuropathy

Interests/Likes: Crocheting/ Reading/ Favorite Color is Turquoise

Updates On: Vernelle

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