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May  2009


  May          Vickie A./ Toniann         July

Vickie's Story


as told by her husband, Ken


Vickie and Ken have been married for 16 wonderful years (17 years July 25 of this year).  We were both previously married, and Vickie has a daughter (Melonie), from that marriage.  Melonie and Ken are very close, so that is like he has a daughter.  Ken and Vickie have a granddaughter named Samantha who will be 10 years old this May, as well as well as a grandson named Colby, and another granddaughter who is 18 1/2 years old named Kelsie. Vickie and Ken met in church, and try and keep the Lord first in their lives.


Vickie has a Chiari Malformation, which causes problems all over your body because it effects the tonsils of the brain and the brain stem.  She had brain surgery in 1991 to decompress the malformation. The brain stem controls about every part of your body, even down to your breathing.  She has had 6 major surgeries in the past 6 years for various major problems, one surgery was to replace a vertebrae in her neck with a donor vertebrae, it had also effected her spinal cord causing more neurological problems. 


 Vickie had a stroke when she was only two years old, her mom was told she would never come out of the coma and if she did she would just be a vegetable, doctors don't know everything!  MANY of the neurological problems from her compressed brain stem are now causing problems. 


She is very weak, tired and off balance, she has fallen two times in the past weeks, she had to pull herself to the phone and pull it down to call me. Both times she fell I had to come home to help her off the floor.  The last fall hurt her bad, she had severe bruises and was so sore even her strong pain meds. did not help.  She has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia also. She has been having periods where she can't breath, just walking to the bathroom makes her so out of breath you would have thought she had run the Boston marathon. 


She went to a Cardiologist for an Echo Cardiogram and Stress test but it didn't show a thing even though her oxygen level was as low as 90 during rest.  We went today for a CAT Scan on her lungs and I don't think they found anything, so the breathing problem is still a mystery. 



I could just go on and on because this has just touched on some of the things.  This lady has really been through some very serious medical problems all her life.  For someone who has gone, and still going through so much she still keeps smiling, laughing and joking around with me even though I know she is in pain. 


Vickie gets her strength from the Lord, if she didn't I am not sure she would still be with us.


 Her favorite colors are purple, mauve (a lot of the purple family of colors), as well as pink.  She loves scents like vanilla, lavender.   

Vickie's hobbies are crafts and cardmaking.  She particularly likes layered cards that have  the look of depth to them and look embellished.   It gives her great joy when she is able and feels well enough to do so. Really, any card is appreciated, it would I am sure, boost her day. 












May  2009  Feature



Name: Vickie A.

Birthday: October 9th

Diagnosis:Chiari Malformation

Interests/Likes: Card Making/ Crafts/Lavender/Pinks

Updates On: Vickie A.

Mailing Address:







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